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Phenylpropanolamine-PPA Lawsuit Funding

Phenylpropanolamine-PPA is a common chemical found in over the counter cough and cold medications, including:

  • Acutrim
  • Comtrex
  • Dexatrim
  • Robitussin
  • Tavis D
  • Triaminic

These medications are generally seen as relatively safe and benign. Recent independent studies have shown, however, that Phenylpropanolamine-PPA can cause serious strokes, leaving the user debilitated and, in some cases, fatally injured.

Phenylpropanolamine-PPA LawsuitIf you or someone you love used the Phenylpropanolamine-PPA and were injured or killed as a result, personal injury law entitles you to seek financial damages. If you are the plaintiff in a Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit and need cash now, Funds4Claims can help. Funds4Claims provides Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit plaintiffs with inexpensive, non-recourse lawsuit cash advances. To find out how much your Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit qualifies for, contact us at 855.386.3744 or fill out our fast and easy Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit application. Within 24 hours, your cash advance could be approved!

Phenylpropanolamine-PPA Lawsuit Funding Services

Phenylpropanolamine-PPA Lawsuit

Because Phenylpropanolamine-PPA is found in so many medications, many pharmaceutical companies have a stake in protecting their profits. These companies have billions of dollars and powerful attorneys and they will use these resources to tear apart your case. Powerful attorneys working for the manufactures of medications containing Phenylpropanolamine-PPAwill utilize every legal tactic they can to fight your case tooth and nail, including stalling and prolonging a case to force a plaintiff into settling—or into dropping their Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit completely.

Apart from the stalling tactics employed by defense attorneys protecting the interests of Phenylpropanolamine-PPA based medications, there are also many standard legal processes and procedures which must be completed before a Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit runs its course and it is not uncommon for years to go by before the case transpires. Until your case finally reaches a conclusion, no money will be awarded or paid out to the plaintiff.

Even after your Phenylpropanolamine-PPA case concludes, it can sometimes take years to obtain your award in full. Due to the high cost of treating stroke victims, waiting for your money may not be an option for you. Funds4Claims can help you combat these stalling tactics by providing you with a non-recourse Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit cash advance.

Cash Advance for a Phenylpropanolamine-PPA Lawsuit

Funds4Claims has very little overhead and, as a result, we can provide the lowest rates on Phenylpropanolamine-PPA cash advances, the best customer service and, most importantly, our legal funding is always provided on a non-recourse basis. Non-recourse means that we assume one hundred percent of the risk. If we opt to provide you with a Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit cash advance and you do not win or settle your lawsuit, you are not obligated to repay the money. Furthermore, when we make a decision as to whether or not to provide you with a cash advance, our underwriters look only at the strength of your case; your personal credit and work history do not matter.

We never charge any hidden frees and it is free to apply for your Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit cash advance. Our application process is fast and free and our service is honest and open. Knowing that time is of the essence, we strive to make our lending decision quickly and, usually within 24 hours, your Phenylpropanolamine-PPA cash advance can be approved and your money will be on its way to you.

Apply for a Phenylpropanolamine-PPA Lawsuit Loan

The Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit cash advance we provide you with is yours to keep and we place no limits on how to use it. You should not have to wait for money that is yours and there is no limit as to how much money you may request. Obtain a Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit cash advance and put yourself on the road to financial freedom.

Phenylpropanolamine-PPA injury lawsuit loans can be obtained throughout the lawsuit process. Whether your lawsuit is pending, has been finalized, or is already being paid out via a structured settlement or annuity payment, Funds4Claims can provide Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit plaintiffs with legal financing. Simply call us at 855.386.3744 or use our online lawsuit funding application. In less than a minute, your application can be submitted for review to our underwriters and, in within 24 hours, you will have a lending decision.

If you lost a loved one or if you became ill as a result of using the Phenylpropanolamine-PPA, you should be compensated financially. Where other legal funding companies find a way to say no, we say yes. Contact Funds4Claims today and have your Phenylpropanolamine-PPA lawsuit cash advance approved by tomorrow.

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