Post Settlement Funding

Going through the tedious and lengthy process of a lawsuit can be highly stressful but when you have to wait to get the settlement amount in your hands even after you have won the case, you can get really frustrated. Plaintiffs often go through a severe financial crunch while they are waiting for the lawsuit to conclude and judgment given. During this period there is no money being paid to them and they may be footing the bills for medical care, repairs to property or more by dipping into their savings. It is unfair to the plaintiff that this situation continues even after he or she has won the lawsuit and is entitled to compensation. However, this is unavoidable in many cases. It is at this juncture when you are awaiting the compensation you have been awarded that post settlement funding plays a key role in relieving you of financial distress.


How can Funds4Claims help:


At Funds4Claims, we are committed to making life easier for you at a time when you are still awaiting the full payout due to you from your compensation claim. Our post- settlement cash advances help in many ways:


  • You may have several critical expenses to fund that cannot wait such as children’s education costs, cost of rehabilitation services, or cost of repairs to your home. Our post- settlement cash advance allows you to access funds to meet these essential expenses without delay.
  • While the legal processes were still being carried out, restrictions on accessing funds are inevitable but now that you have won, there is no justifiable reason for any further delay. Our cash advances ensures that you are not unfairly penalized in this manner.
  • We make sure that there are no hidden fees or costs on our cash advances that make them a costly price to pay for your financial distress.
  • Our cash advances are low cost funds that help you meet expenses in time.


With Funds4Claims by your side, you have access to cash when you need it most because our approval process is speedy and hassle free. Just make your free application and the funds will be yours in 24 hours. We do not give approvals on basis of earnings capacity or credit score to ensure that all deserving applicants can meet their financial needs with our post settlement cash advances.


Talk to us now to know more about our no strings attached post settlement lawsuit funding and experience our world class customer service first hand.


Testimony: Debbie (56, property damage lawsuit plaintiff against DUI defendant) ‘I had structural damage to my home that needed major repairs and I was afraid I would have to dip into my retirement fund to meet the expenses because my compensation was being delayed even after I won the case. Thanks to Funds4Claims, my retirement nest egg is safe and I am getting the repairs done with their cash advance’.