Lawsuits are often the only way for individuals to recover financial damages against a person or group of persons. Whether you were damages physical, emotional, financial, or for their reputation, if you were legally wronged and incurred some kind of measurable damage, you have the right to file a lawsuit seeking reparations. Cash AdvancesBecause the legal process is complicated and involves many steps and procedures, it can sometimes take months, and, in some cases, years, to culminate. While your case winds through the legal system, no money is paid out to you, the plaintiff and you may be in need of cash. Obtaining lawsuit funding may be the answer to your financial problems. Whether your case is still pending or whether it has completed and a settlement has been agreed upon, if you need money now, Funds4Claims can help you obtain non-recourse lawsuit funding.
Lawsuit funding is a cash advance taken against winnings, either future or actual, from a lawsuit. With so many legal funding companies vying for your business, why should you seek lawsuit funding from Funds4Claims?

  • Fast: In most cases, we can have you approved and paid within 24 hours.
  • Free to Apply for.
  • Honest: No hidden fees. Ever.
  • Low interest: We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the lowest rates on lawsuit loans in the industry.
  • Non-recourse: If you do not win or settle your case, you are not obligated to repay the cash advance.
  • No strings attached: Once your application is approved and the money is provided to you, you may use it however you want to.
  • Provided on the strength of your case, not on your personal credit or work history.

Funds4claims is one of the top legal financing firms in the United States and Canada. Many of the top law firms in the United contact us first when they need a lawsuit loan. We are known for our excellent customer service and superior legal financing services. Obtaining your lawsuit loan is as simple as calling 855.386.3744 or filling out our fast and easy lawsuit loan application.

We provide lawsuit funding on a variety of personal injury lawsuits and commercial litigation case types. To discuss your case specifically, please call us at 855.386.3744.

Lawsuit Funding Cash Advances

The legal process is designed to ensure that justice prevails for all parties involved. Because of this, many checks and balances and procedures are put in place. The unfortunate side effect to this is that the legal process is long and time consuming. For plaintiffs suffering a financial hardship as a result of the grievances committed against them, this can be a problem. While the lawsuit winds through the legal process, no money is paid out to the defendant. One answer to this problem is Lawsuit Funding. Lawsuit funding allows plaintiffs to obtain cash while their lawsuit is pending, or, while they are awaiting full pay out on a settled lawsuit.

The best part of lawsuit funding is that it can be obtained on a variety of different case types and at any stage during the legal process. Whether you are just beginning the process of or whether your case has been settled and damages have been awarded, lawsuit funding can be obtained. This allows the plaintiff to obtain cash that is rightfully theirs. Funds4Claims provides lawsuit funding on a non-recourse basis, meaning that if you do not win or settle your case, you are not obligated to repay the money.

Defense attorneys and insurance companies, understanding the financial strain many plaintiffs are under, will often intentionally prolong a lawsuit in an effort to force the plaintiff into settling for a much smaller dollar amount than what they deserve. Obtaining Lawsuit Funding is one way to counteract this tactic.

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Lawsuits are long and complicated legal proceedings which are sometimes made longer intentionally by defense attorneys and insurance companies. They know that the longer a plaintiff has to wait for their money, the more likely they are to become desperate and settle. Such settlements are usually for a dollar amount that is far less than what the plaintiff deserves.

Knowing that time is of the essence, Funds4claims has made the application process to obtain Lawsuit Funding extremely simple. To apply for Lawsuit Funding, you can either call us at 855.386.3744 or fill out the online lawsuit funding application today and have your approval within 24 hours. There is no obligation and it is free to apply. With our non-recourse Lawsuit Funding, Funds4claims provides you with the financial security that you need in order to fight greedy insurance companies and high powered defense attorneys.

Funds4claims offers pre and post settlement funding Lawsuit Funding. We also specialize in purchasing annuity payments.

Lawsuit Funding In Your state

In nearly every state in the United States and parts of Canada, Funds4claims provides exemplary customer service and affordable Lawsuit Funding during stages of the legal process.

The law does not allow us to provide lawsuit funding in the states of Colorado, Maryland and North Carolina. Each state has its own regulations regarding legal funding. To find out the law in your state, contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.