Every now and then numerous trial attorneys are faced with a lack of capital due to a case. The nature of the litigation process is usually at fault for this. Namely, the diverse tasks litigation attorneys undertake during the course of litigation is time consuming and costly. Funds4Claims is here to assist you and your firm with a case cost line of credit.Case Cost Line of Credit

Case cost lines of credit enable contingency fee law firms to finance litigation expenses, case costs, and expenditure costs. Funds4Claims offers case cost lines of credit services to attorneys using projected fees on open cases as collateral. This differs from attorney lines of credit in that funds advanced through a case cost line of credit are to be used to pay case costs exclusively, while an attorney line of credit may be used to pay the firm’s operating expenses as well as case costs.
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Funds4Claims understands the business of litigation practice and works with firms and attorneys to get the financing they need. Banks struggle to understand a contingency fee practice. They understand buildings and other significant physical property, not the intangibles of case history, so litigation-cost loans may be outside their domain.

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Eligible for Case Cost Line of Credit?

Funds4Claims determines case cost lines of credit based on your firm’s current book of cases as well as case history. When a trial is ending or a settlement is pending, Funds4Claims will draw up documents declaring the amount for the case cost line of credit loan to include in the settlement case sheet.

Attorney Funding Types

Attorney funding might be the best solution for you if you are an attorney wanting to expand the business of your law firm. Funds4Claims has helped a number of law firms across the United States and Canada with low-cost law firm financing services.

We understand how important your time is as an attorney. Funds4Claims has the knowledge and expertise to handle your attorney funding needs.

Funds4Claims offers attorneys and law firms these services:

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At Funds4Claims, we are dedicated to providing our clients the utmost care and understanding through this process. You could receive your case cost line of credit as soon as 48 hours after your application is administered. This enables our clients to continue focusing on their case, clients, and business.

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If you or your law firm is currently examining or in the need of a case cost line of credit, Funds4Claims is ready to assist you. We provide you with the money your law firm needs at a very low interest rate. There is no application fee and no credit or employment required for our low-cost case line of credit. There are absolutely no obligations to your firm for our services. Take the initial step in getting the legal funding your law firm needs. Give Funds4Claims a call today at 855.386.3744 or apply online. We look forward to assisting your law firm with your legal financing needs.

Case Cost Line of Credit In Your state

Funds4Claims provides exemplary customer service and affordable Case Cost Line of Credit and lawsuit funding in almost every state in the United States and parts of Canada.
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The law does not allow us to provide legal funding in the states of Colorado, Maryland and North Carolina. Each state has its own regulations regarding lawsuit funding. To find out the law in your state, contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.