When two parties enter into a contract, it is expected that both parties will fulfill the terms of that contract. When one party breaches a contract, that party may be sued for breach of contract. Breach of Contract Litigation FundingIf you have a pending breach of contract lawsuit that you expect to win or settle and need cash now, contact Funds4Cliams and find out how you can obtain a low-cost, non-recourse lawsuit cash advance.

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Breach of Contract Litigation Funding Services

For a breach of contract to occur, the following three factors must be considered:

  • 1. An arrangement, whether written, spoken, implied or expected must be entered into and
  • 2. The defendant must break one or more terms of a contract and
  • 3. The defendant’s breach of contract must result in some form of measurable loss for the plaintiff.

When a contract is entered into, all parties involved agree to all terms of the contract. When a breach of that agreement occurs, whether in full or in part, the contractual agreement is broken and that break results in a measurable loss of some kind, the party breaking the contract may be subject to a breach of contract lawsuit. When a plaintiff brings such a lawsuit, an assessment of the damages incurred will be determined and named in the lawsuit. If the defense is found liable to the broken contractual terms, they will be forced to repay any ordered damages.
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Legal Funding For Breach of Contract Lawsuits

The plaintiff in a breach of contract lawsuit can seek damages for both mental and physical anguish. The amount sought will be determined both by the contract and through an assessment by the plaintiff’s legal team.
Once the damages are determined, the long legal process begins with the filing of a grievance and the serving of that grievance to the defendant. The defendant is then given the option to respond to the grievance before the court hears the challenges and determines whether the case has the merits to proceed or if the case should be thrown out. If the breach of contract case proceeds, than both parties investigate the case and then admit the facts of the case to the court for perusal by both parties (request for production). Finally, depositions are given, a trial date is set and negotiations begin. If no agreement can be made, a trial begins and a judge or jury ultimately determines the outcome and damages of the breach of contract case.
During this process, the plaintiff is not paid and often times bills and other living expenses go unpaid. Many defense attorneys intentionally prolong trial in order to force the plaintiff to feel the pinch of a long trial in an effort to get them to settle for a smaller dollar amount. If you are the plaintiff in a pending breach of contract trial and need cash now, contact Funds4Claims and apply for a breach of contract litigation cash advance. Use this cash advance to fight the intentional stalling tactics of the defense.

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