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Dog Bite Statistics for Pre Settlement Funding

Dogs are commonly kept pets in the United States, with more than seventy-five million residing in the United States. We love them as pets, we utilize their intuition and intelligence to aid those that need help and we use their defensive and protective nature to defend our property. Because they are so common and because they are animals, sometimes interactions with them are unpleasant. Below are some dog bite, dog bite lawsuits and dog bite legal financing statistics we have compiled. Dog Bite Statistics for Pre Settlement Funding

  • In the United States each year, 4.75 million people are dog bite victims. Of these bites, 920 require emergency room visits and around thirty fatalities are reported each year. Over half of these dog bites are to the face.
  • The majority of dog bites (over two thirds) are from a dog owned by a neighbor or friend.
  • Children are the most common dog bite victims and each day in the United States, around 350 children are bitten in the face by a dog.
  • Male dogs, especially those that are not neutered, are much more likely to bite than female dogs.
  • The three most common breeds to cause fatal dog bite injuries are Pit bulls, Presa Canarios, and Rottweilers. Nearly half of all dog bites requiring hospitalization are caused by pit bulls.
  • Mail and package delivery workers report 3,500 dog bites annually.
  • Dog bites cost the victims over a billion dollars a year, but only $325 million is paid out by insurance and only 35 percent are awarded damages via a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Over seventy percent of children bitten by dogs are required to spend at least one night in the hospital. One fifth of dog bite victims are forced to spend at least three nights in the hospital.

Statistics on Dog Bites

Apply for Animal Attack Settlement Funding

Being the victim of a dog or animal attack can leave lifelong scars—physically, emotionally and mentally. If you or a loved one was injured in an animal attack, you may never be the same. It is even possible you will never return to work or, that if you do, that you will not be able to work at the same level you once did. Filing a personal injury lawsuit is one way to help mitigate the financial damage resulting from an animal attack.

Lawsuits are long and complicated legal proceedings. Sometime they are made longer intentionally by defense attorneys and insurance companies, whom seek to prolong the lawsuits in an effort to pressure the plaintiff into settling for a dollar amount that is far less than what they deserve. Knowing this, Funds4claims has made the application process to obtain legal financing extremely simple. To apply, you can either call us at 855.386.3744 or fill out our lawsuit funding application today and have your approval by tomorrow. There is no obligation and it is free to application. You should not have to wait for money that is yours and Funds4claims provides you with the financial security you need to fight greedy insurance companies and high powered defense attorneys.

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Funds4claims provides exemplary customer service and affordable animal attack and dog bite pre settlement lawsuit loans in almost every state in the United States and parts of Canada:
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The law does not allow us to provide legal funding in the states of Colorado, Maryland and North Carolina. Each state has its own regulations regarding lawsuit funding. To find out the law in your state, contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.