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The process of litigation funding can be complicated and extremely procedural for you although here at Funds4claims the commercial litigation is easy and simple we can help you in ways where you would not have to deal with the legal system that is both slow and irregular. With the loan provided, other companies are much more interested in prolonging your loan.  The loan permitted by other companies can both behelpful and dangerous, as other companies cost a fortune of interest on them when the loan is received back. We are a renowned firm for commercial litigation financing. We have become a permanent preference for all our previous and present clients. One of the top law firms in the United States and Canada come to us for legal financing. Funds4claims is famous for the high preference, personalized customer care.


Funds4claims provides you with the loan and funding irrespective of the stage of your commercial litigation case. The commercial litigation is a lengthy process that includes great time consuming stalling from the defense. Meanwhile when the plaintiff is in need and strain, we understand the situation and are willing to provide the plaintiff with commercial litigation funding.

The process for a commercial litigation funding is absolutely time saving and easy to go through. Keeping our clients’ needs in mind we have given the highest level of comfort and ease regarding all process completion mattes.


  1. Require you to Pay application fees
  2. Ask you for credit check
  3. Cause delay in the processing
  4. Charge hidden fees
  5. Limit you on how to use your money
  6. Ask for monthly payments
  7. Ask for income verification
  8. No monthly payments are required


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